Servers and storage

Delivering the performance you need!

A performant and efficient IT infrastructure are indispensable. At Barca we understand this, after all, your IT infrastructure is the motor for your applications. The faster and more efficient this engine, the more pleasant it is to work with.

We selected for you a wide range of reliable products, so you can be sure of the quality. We follow technological developments closely and are familiar with concepts such as server virtualization, SAN, private cloud, thin clients, firewalls, and so on.

We analyze your needs and establish a clear and comprehensive "turnkey" offer for you at a competitive price.

Naturally we have our own specialized consultants who will deliver and configure your infrastructure, according to your needs.

We can provide the finish, configuration and optimization of your entire system, including project support and training. This way you will never be faced with unpleasant suprises.

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