Managed Staffing

Why hire IT experts?

 How to find and retain the right IT staff? Can your IT staff grow enough in their job and keep developing their added value? How to simultaneously assure a permanent service desk and increase the efficiency of your IT support? A time consuming and expensive task because it is not your core business. However, it is those of Barca!

Expertise is expensive but does not have to cost more!

The optimal use and deployment of expertise is worth money, but an ongoing challenge for most businesses. Many everyday tasks of an internal IT staff don't increase the added value over time, but the employment cost does. Or your internal IT staff grows to another position, or he changes company, whatever the reason, you will have to recruite again. So what are the alternatives?

With Managed Staffing it is our concern to ensure motivated staff with the right expertise, skills and experience. This way you can increase the added value of your IT department by relying on specialized IT profiles, without losing control of costs. We offer different formulas of managed staffing, for short and long term assignments.

Full management of your IT service

 We not only have the perfect candidate with the right training, we can, if desired, completely take over your service desk. We offer the best processes (documentation, runbooks, ...) and have the appropriate tools (ticketing system, monitoring system, ...), which can even be used in a software-as-a-service model (SaaS).

Ask now for your IT expert!